SELL Your WEDDING DRESS For Cash With Verified Genuine Companies
(In America In 2019)
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By Michael Wong | November 30, 2018.

Sell Your Wedding Dress For Cash

Is your wedding dress collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe?

If you are ready to pass it onto another bride to be, sell your wedding dress and accessories for cash on online wedding dress resale marketplaces.

Top 3 Sites To Sell Your Wedding Dress & Accessories

Here are my top three online resale marketplaces to sell your wedding dress and accessories to customers worldwide.

Visit each website for more information:

Stillwhite screenshot

1. Stillwhite (

  • Sell your wedding dress on the verified genuine Stillwhite resale marketplace.
  • How it works:
    1. Create a listing with details of your wedding dress.
    2. Upload up to 4 or 8 photographs of your dress.
    3. Choose a selling price.
    4. Pay a one-time (listed until sold) $20 or $30 listing fee.
    5. Respond to messages from potential customers about the dress, exchange photos, confirm measurements, and negotiate a price.
    6. Add the shipping fee (registered post + insurance + tracking) to the final sale price (buyer pays for shipping).
    7. Payment:
      1. If the buyer lives nearby:
        1. you can organize a time to meet the buyer
        2. let them inspect the dress
        3. ask for payment in cash
      2. If the buyer is not local:
        1. add a Buy Now button to your conversation for the buyer to pay you via PayPal (PayPal fees apply):
          • 2.6% to 2.9% for domestic transfers
          • 3.6% to 3.9%+ for international transfers
        2. you ship the dress to the buyer through registered post (including insurance)
        3. you provide the buyer with the tracking number
    8. You mark the dress as sold
  • Listing fees:
    • Standard:
      • $20 one-time fee
      • Zero commission
      • Listed until sold
      • Up to 4 photographs
      • Chat with buyers using the Stillwhite messaging platform and keep contact details private
      • Live viewing statistics
      • Fraud detection: Stillwhite monitor all activity and block suspicious behavior
    • Premium:
      • $30 one-time fee
      • All Standard features
      • Homepage gallery
      • Larger photo in search
      • Up to 8 photographs
  • According to Stillwhite:
    • your wedding dress could be worth up to 75% of its retail price
    • you should list your dress for 50% to 75% of its retail price depending on condition, age, and if it has been dry cleaned
    • start with an asking price of about 50%, if your dress is older than 2 years
    • it takes an average of 60 to 90 days to sell a dress, however some dresses can take longer
  • Refer a friend and:
    • earn $5 each time they buy a dress or list their dress for sale
    • they get 10% off their listing fee
  • Stats:
    • $23 million+ of wedding dresses sold.
    • 9 million+ viewers per month.
    • 40,000+ dresses for sale.
  • Employees: 2-10 (est. 2010) (
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes screenshot

2. (

  • Sell used wedding, bridesmaids', mothers' and flower girls' dresses, and accessories on the verified genuine resale marketplace.
  • Listing fees (until sold):
    • Wedding dress: $25
    • Bridesmaid dress: $5
    • Mother's dress: $5
    • Flower girl dress: $5
    • Wedding accessories: $5
    • No commission on sales
  • Get the buyer to pay you by PayPal or (fees apply).
  • Stats:
    • Listings get an average of 2000+ views
    • Average sell time of 70 days
    • 40,000+ wedding sales
  • Employees: 2-10 (est. 2004) (
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes
Nearly Newlywed screenshot

3. Nearly Newlywed (

  • Nearly Newlywed provides a hands-on service to help you resell your wedding dress on their verified genuine online resale marketplace.
  • How it works:
    1. Describe your wedding dress in detail and upload 3 to 5 photographs online.
    2. Pay $25 one-time listing fee.
    3. Your dress is reviewed by the Nearly Newlywed quality control team within 24 to 48 hours.
    4. Once approved, they will notify you via email that your listing is live on the site.
    5. Nearly Newlywed handle all inquiries from potential buyers.
    6. When your dress sells, you will receive a prepaid shipping label to ship your dress to Nearly Newlywed for inspection and condition verification.
    7. Nearly Newlywed coordinate with the buyer, including payment, insurance, shipping and returns, and any questions they have.
    8. Buyer has 5 days to decide whether to keep the dress, which allows them time to meet with a seamstress and determine if the gown is the right fit.
    9. If the buyer keeps the dress and a sale is confirmed, Nearly Newlywed will send you 60% of the listed sale price by PayPal.
    10. If the buyer returns the dress, the Nearly Newlywed quality control team reviews it, alongside the photos and condition report originally created when they received the dress from you.
    11. If the dress passes inspection, the buyer receives a refund and Nearly Newlywed holds your dress in their temperature-controlled storage facility for up to 90 days.
    12. If the dress does not resell within that time frame they will ship the dress back to you at no cost.
    13. In the rare instance the dress sustained wear beyond normal shipping and try on use, the return will not be accepted and you will receive the full 60% commission for the sale by PayPal.
  • Most dresses that are priced competitively (50%+ off retail) sell within six months, depending on the season, according to Nearly Newlywed.
  • Nearly Newlywed has partnered with one of the top wedding dress cleaning professionals in the country to offer significantly discounted cleanings.
  • Funding: $250,000 (
  • Employees: 2-10 (est. 2012) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes
  • WeddingWire rating: 4.7 (145+ reviews) (

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