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By Michael Wong | Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

UPDATE: I'm back! Moving took waaaaay longer than I imagined! I am now ready to add lots of new gigs, jobs and freebies in the coming days and weeks! :-)

117 Verified Genuine Companies In First 30 Days

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Driving Jobs

Photo of happy driver behind the wheel looking to the back seats
Earn money doing driving jobs around town, on your own schedule.

1. Uber Driver

2. Lyft Driver

Delivery Jobs

Photo of happy delivery driver in a vehicle holding out a package
Earn up to $17+ per hour doing deliveries by car, van, motorbike, bicycle, or even foot, on your own schedule.

1. Uber Eats Driver

2. DoorDash Driver


Photo of man and woman sitting behind a laptop holding a credit card smiling at the camera
Save money shopping online and in stores with online, mobile, and printable coupons at these top 11 coupon sites.


Photo of happy couple sitting on couch opening a box and looking surprised
Get freebies and free samples with these top 12 freebie sites.

Free Tickets

Photo of two women smiling and holding tickets
Get free tickets to 24 top TV show tapings in Los Angeles and New York.

Get Paid For Searching The Web

Photo of a young woman using a tablet and smiling at the camera
Earn cash and rewards for something you already do everyday.

1. Qmee

2. Microsoft Rewards

Mystery Shopper

Photo of man smiling and serving a woman in a store
Earn up to $50+ per shop as a mystery shopper.

Car Advertising

Photo of happy woman smiling behind the wheel of a car and a man smiling in the passenger seat in a blurred background
Get paid up to $400+ per month for car advertising stickers on your car.

1. Wrapify

2. Carvertise

Paid Surveys

Photo of happy people sitting on couch holding up colorful speech bubbles
Earn money anywhere, online and on your mobile, with my top 34 paid surveys.

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Passive Income

Photo of handsome man lying down on couch relaxing and reading
Earn a passive income of $200+ per year with these top 5 mobile apps.

Sell Your Phone

Photo of an excited woman holding a mobile phone in one hand and US dollar bills in the other
Sell your old phones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart watches, and other gadgets for guaranteed cash.

SPORTS FANS: Earn $25/Hour Watching Sports On TV!

  • 10+ hours a week.
  • Aged 18+
  • US resident.
  • Must love sports.
  • Be a good communicator
  • Have a TV, smartphone, and computer.
  • Reliable internet connection.


Photo of an African American man sitting behind a laptop computer smiling at the camera
Save money shopping online and in stores with up to 40%+ cashback.

Online Teaching Jobs

Photo of an African American man sitting behind a laptop computer smiling at the camera
Earn $14 to $22+ per hour working from home with online teaching jobs.

1. VIPKID Teacher

2. Qkids Teacher

Rent Your Car

Photo of happy woman sitting in a vehicle smiling at the camera receiving a set of car keys
Rent your car out and earn up to $800+ per month on online peer-to-peer car sharing marketplaces.

Seasonal Jobs

Photo of store assistant smiling
Earn money with one or more of the 761,000 seasonal jobs available for the upcoming 2018 holiday season. Hiring events from today!

Answer Questions For Money

Photo of happy woman smiling at the camera sitting behind a laptop
Earn up to $14 each time you provide an expert answer to a question.

1. JustAnswer

2. PrestoExperts

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