Make Money On YouTube

3 Genuine Success Stories
(In America In 2019)

By Michael Wong | July 26, 2019.

Make Money On YouTube

Do you have young kids? Do they watch YouTube videos?

Have you seen your kids enjoy watching other kids and even adults unboxing and/or playing with toys in YouTube videos?

Did you know some of the people who create those videos make a lot of money each year? I mean a LOT!

Interesting fact: 20 of the top 100 channels on YouTube are focused on toys.

There are two types of popular toy videos:

  1. Unboxing and playing with toys.
  2. Just playing with toys.

3 Inspiring Toy Unboxing/Playing YouTube Success Stories

To give you an idea of just how profitable unboxing and/or playing with toys on YouTube can be, here are three success stories to inspire you.

Some of the numbers sound unbelievable but they are all true. You can see how many subscribers a channel has, and how many views each video has attracted. Those numbers give a good indication of a channel's earnings.

FunToyzCollector screenshot

1. FunToyzCollector (

  • The FunToyzCollector YouTube channel videos feature a softly spoken, somewhat mysterious (face hidden) woman unboxing and playing with Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Play Doh, and Claymation toys. Kids just love watching these videos, with over 10 million subscribers and over 14 billion views!
  • Stats:
    • One of the top channels on YouTube in 2014.
    • Estimated $4.9 million+ in revenue in 2014.
    • 14.7 billion+ YouTube video views.
    • 11.8 million+ YouTube subscribers.
    • 2,300+ YouTube videos.
    • Joined YouTube in April, 2011.
  • Source: The highest YouTube earner of 2014 made nearly $5 million just by opening Disney toy packages (
Hulyan Maya screenshot

2. Hulyan Maya (

  • The Hulyan Maya YouTube channel videos feature Mark and Rhea's three children unboxing and playing with toys.
  • They made enough money to pay for their house and cars in cash, and send all three children to college.
  • Mark and Rhea quit their jobs running an employment agency to pursue their YouTube careers full time.
  • The YouTube channel and family have been featured on NBC Today's Show, ABC Good Morning America, RTL Germany, Yahoo News and Daily Mail.
  • Stats:
    • $1.5 million in revenue in 2015.
    • 3 billion+ YouTube video views.
    • 1.6 million+ YouTube subscribers.
    • 3,000+ YouTube videos.
    • Joined YouTube in July, 2008.
  • Source: Parents earn more than $1 million per year making YouTube videos of their children playing with toys (
EvanTubeHD screenshot

3. EvanTubeHD (

  • The EvanTubeHD YouTube channel videos feature a kid by the name of Evan, and his sister Jillian, unboxing, playing and reviewing toys, making Lego and generally having fun.
  • Videos are made by Evan's dad, Jared, a self-employed filmmaker.
  • The success of EvanTubeHD opened up opportunities for Evan:
    • Evan shot a Spy Gear commercial in Toronto.
    • Evan voiced his own animated show, "Evan the Epic."
  • Stats:
    • EvanTubeHD and its sister channel, EvanTubeRAW, which features Evan's mum and sister, brings in an estimated $1.3 million per year.
    • 3.9 billion+ YouTube views.
    • 6.4 million+ YouTube subscribers.
    • 580+ YouTube videos.
    • Joined YouTube in September, 2011.
  • Source: This 8-Year-Old Makes $US1.3 Million A Year By Posting YouTube Videos (

Top YouTube Earners

The three success stories above are by no means the top earners on YouTube. I used those examples because they show what is possible just by making simple videos of kids playing with toys.

According to Forbes, the top 10 YouTube earners in 2018 earned over $14.5 million each! The number one earner was "Ryan ToysReview" (, which earned an estimated $22 million! Ryan was only seven at the time. How crazy is that?

Source: Top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars of 2018, according to Forbes (

How To Make Money On YouTube

The YouTube Partner Program monetizes your YouTube videos with Google AdSense ads. The ads are served automatically by YouTube. All you have to do is make great videos that people want to watch.

On January 16, 2018, YouTube announced new eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program. You will be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program once your channel reaches 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

For more information, visit the YouTube Partner Program page (


Those three success stories are just a few of the many thousands of success stories on YouTube.

We watch over one billion hours of YouTube videos a day - more than Netflix and Facebook video combined.

In 2015, 18 to 49 year olds spent 4% less time watching TV, while they spent 74% more time on YouTube.

YouTube is still growing so the opportunities are only going to get bigger. All you need is a video camera and some imagination.

Of course, not everyone on YouTube makes millions of dollars. But even if you only make 1% of what the top YouTube superstars make, it would still be a very nice income!

One of the best things about making money on YouTube is that once you make a video, you will continue to make a passive money for months, even years, without any additional work.

I hope these three success stories inspire you to have a go at creating your own YouTube videos. Who knows. You or your child could be the next YouTube Superstar! ;-)

I look forward to reading about your success story.