Earn Money With Verified Genuine VIRTUAL ASSISTANT JOBS
(In America In 2019)

By Michael Wong | January 15, 2019.

Earn Money With Verified Genuine Virtual Assistant Jobs

Have you considered doing virtual assistant jobs as a way to earn money working from home?

Thousands of Americans earn money as a virtual assistant from the comfort of their own home. And you can too.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients, while working outside of the client's office, remotely (virtually) from home.

Busy entrepreneurs and executives hire virtual assistants to free up their time.

A virtual assistant might help clients with:

  • appointment setting
  • bilingual services
  • bookkeeping
  • copywriting
  • creating and updating content
  • creating presentations
  • data entry
  • diary management
  • invoicing clients
  • managing and responding to phone enquiries
  • managing email inboxes
  • online research
  • personal concierge services
  • project management
  • scheduling tasks
  • social media management
  • website design and maintenance
  • writing, proofreading and editing

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Virtual assistants make anywhere from $11 to $20+ per hour. The more experience you have, the more you can charge per hour, especially if you find clients yourself.

What Equipment Do Virtual Assistants Need?

You probably have the equipment required to do virtual assistant jobs. The basic equipment you need is a:

  • desktop or laptop computer
  • reliable internet connection
  • mobile phone
  • printer/scanner
  • quiet place to take and make phone calls, free of background noise.

Top 5 Verified Genuine Virtual Assistant Jobs

Here are my top 5 virtual assistant jobs. Visit each website for more information:

Worldwide101 screenshot

1. Worldwide101 (

  • Earn $20 to $22 per hour, doing virtual assistant jobs for Worldwide101, supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, as:
    • an Executive Assistant
    • a Marketing & Social Media Specialist
    • a Project Manager
    • an Executive Assistant - Paralegal
  • Do tasks, such as:
    • maintaining appointment schedules by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and travel
    • organizing travel arrangements including flight and hotel bookings
    • providing customer support
    • reading, researching, and routing correspondence
    • drafting letters and documents
    • undertaking research, collecting and analyzing information
    • initiating phone calls
    • email management
    • admin support
  • Requirements:
    • Available daily during business hours (US).
    • Work at least 20 hours a week (25 maximum allowed).
    • A can-do attitude and a proactive outlook.
    • 7+ years of work experience within your professional industry or specialty.
    • Reliability, trustworthiness and discretion.
    • Strong and efficient time management.
    • Professional communication.
    • Steadiness and dependability with great flexibility.
    • High level of internet knowledge and understanding of cloud-based technologies.
    • Quick to learn and grasp new concepts.
    • Fast and reliable internet connection.
    • Friendly personality.
  • Selection process includes two video interviews, psychometric testing, reference, and background checks.
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 2009) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, Canada, Europe.
  • Free to join: Yes
Fancy Hands screenshot

2. Fancy Hands (

  • Earn money $3 to $7+ per task as a virtual assistant for Fancy Hands, doing tasks such as:
    • data entry
    • tracking down the best price for something
    • scheduling appointments (doctor, business, etc.)
    • making phone calls on behalf of people, such as canceling their cable
    • finding hotels that meet certain criteria
  • Requirements:
    • Good communication skills - people will tell you what to do, so you must be able to figure out what they are asking for and be able to get a clear response back to them.
    • Knowledge of different fields.
    • Self starter - you should want to take on more responsibility and try new things.
    • Computer and a reliable internet connection.
    • Headset with a microphone. In some cases, iphone headphones is okay.
  • Compensation:
    • $3 to $7+ per task.
    • You are paid per task depending on how quickly the task is finished, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is.
    • Earnings paid by Dwolla, every other Tuesday.
  • If you are interested, you may be promoted to a managerial type position, managing other assistants and helping ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Employees: 11-50 (est. 2010) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA
  • Free to join: Yes
Time etc screenshot

3. Time etc (

  • Earn $11+ (£11+ in the UK) per hour (negotiable later), working from home for Time etc, as a:
    • General Virtual Assistant
    • Marketing and Social Media Assistant
    • Writing Assistant
    • Customer Service or Telesales Assistant
  • Requirements:
    • Ability to work during working hours (Monday to Friday).
    • Ability to work 5 to 20 hours a week.
    • Available for at least a year.
    • 5+ years relevant experience.
    • Experience working from home on a freelance or flexible basis.
    • Good english skills.
    • Good organizational skills.
    • Home office or quiet area to work.
  • Technical requirements:
    • PC or Mac computer
    • Microsoft office
    • Internet connection
    • Skype
    • Headset
    • Printer
    • Professional liability insurance
  • 10,000 customers, including Facebook, Google, and Skype.
  • Tasks done for clients each month 20,000
  • Tasks completed for clients since 2007: 1.5 million
  • Penni Pike, personal assistant to Sir Richard Branson for 32 years, is a director of the company.
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 2007) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, UK.
  • Free to join: Yes
Upwork Virtual Assistant Jobs screenshot

4. Upwork Virtual Assistant Jobs (

  • Earn money with 3,000+ freelance virtual assistant jobs on the Upwork freelance marketplace.
  • Earnings paid by PayPal, direct deposit into your bank account, Payoneer, or wire transfer.
  • Mobile app ratings:
    • Android: 3.7 (12,000+ reviews / 1 million+ downloads)
    • iOS: 4.6 (1,700+ ratings)
  • Stats:
    • $1 billion+ earned by freelancers annually
    • 3 million+ jobs posted annually
    • 4 million+ registered clients
    • 10 million+ registered freelancers
  • Upwork was created when Elance and oDesk merged in 2014.
  • Funding: $168.8 million (
  • Employees: 201+ (est. 2015) (
  • BBB accredited rating: A+ (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes
Freelancer Virtual Assistant Jobs screenshot

5. Freelancer Virtual Assistant Jobs (

  • Earn money with 150+ freelance virtual assistant jobs skills on the Freelancer marketplace.
  • Earnings paid by PayPal, direct deposit to your bank account, Skrill, or wire transfer.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Mobile app ratings:
    • Android: 4.1 (28,000+ reviews / 1 million+ downloads)
    • iOS: 3.8 (5+ ratings)
  • Stats:
    • 13 million+ jobs posted
    • 28 million+ freelancers
  • was born out of combining these freelance marketplaces into one:
    • LimeExchange
    • Rent-A-Coder
    • vWorker
  • Freelancer Ltd is a $200 million publicly traded company in Australia (
  • Employees: 201+ (
  • Minimum age: 15+
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes, but paid membership required to unlock major features.