Earn Money Freelance Writing For INTERNATIONAL LIVING
(In America In 2021)
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By Michael Wong | January 10, 2021.

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32. International Living (Visit internationalliving):

  • Earn $75 to $400+ per original article, freelance writing for International Living, which provides in-depth information on moving or retiring overseas, making money, saving money and learning all the ins and outs on buying property abroad.
  • Daily Postcards topics:
    • Your experiences overseas.
    • What are the most important things you can tell someone about your life in another country.
    • Your journey to your overseas home.
    • How and why you chose your new retirement destination.
    • How your life has changed for the better.
    • What it is that you love about the place you now live in.
    • The magnificent home you have bought or built.
    • The cost of living where you are.
    • The rich culture of your new hometown.
    • The warm and friendly community.
    • Low-cost healthcare and dental care.
    • Your discovery of secret slices of paradise.
    • How you sold everything you owned to roam the world.
    • Pay rate: $75, including any photos you may wish to include (not required).
    • 500 to 600 words.
    • 500,000 readers.
  • International Living Magazine:
    • Profiles:
      • Your story
      • Interview of an individual or couple living the dream
      • How-to tips, money-saving ideas, ways to prep for a move or adjust to a new life
    • Health care:
      • Do you have a first-person account from somebody who has just benefited from health care abroad?
      • How-to piece about insurance or special facilities available overseas.
      • "Discretion Required":
        • What was the last slightly illegal thing you did?
        • Tell readers not only how to do something, but give them an insight into the local culture.
        • 150 to 200 words.
    • Pay rates:
      • 850 words: $250
      • 1,600 words: $400
      • Photographs: $50 for one time use (you retain the rights)
  • Fund Your Life Daily e-letter: $75 (500 to 700 words)
  • The Savvy Retiree: $400
  • Earnings paid upon publication.
  • Rights bought: All rights.
  • Employees: 11-50 (est. 1979) (
  • Earnings per word: Up to 29ยข+