Earn Money Freelance Writing For PATHFINDERS TRAVEL MAGAZINE
(In America In 2022)
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By Michael Wong | January 3, 2022.

Pathfinders Travel Magazine screenshot

31. Pathfinders Travel Magazine (Visit pathfinderstravelmag):

  • Earn $150 per original article, freelance writing lively, original stories that provide a good sense of place, with useful information and fresh ideas about travel and the travel industry for Pathfinders Travel Magazine.
  • Pay rates:
    • Feature Articles: $150 (800 to 1,000 words)
    • Chef's Table/Post Cards from Home: $150 (500 to 600 words)
    • Wine Column: $150
    • Looking Back Column: $150
    • Photos: $20.00 each, up to 4x6 (Cover photo and other sizes negotiated rates)
  • Pathfinders Travel Magazine's main audience are African Americans, though occasionally they look for articles for Native Americans, Hispanic, and Asians.
  • Pathfinders Travel want articles that tell its readers where to go, what to do, where to dine, and how to get there from a cultural perspective
  • Pathfinders Travel do not want:
    • travel essays
    • articles that have been printed elsewhere
  • Technical requirements:
    • WordPerfect or Microsoft Word format.
    • Double-spaced.
    • Saved as text only file.
    • Hard copy of article (email articles are accepted only by request from editors).
  • Photograph requirements:
    • 300+ dpi.
    • JPEG or TIFF format.
  • Pathfinders editors will make all travel assignments for travel articles for Pathfinders Travel Magazine.
  • Pathfinders Travel Magazine reserves the right to place material on its website as it originally appears in the magazine.
  • Articles that are most likely to be accepted from freelance journalists:
    • Service articles such as:
      • How to Protect Your Valuable While on the Beach
      • 10 Best
      • Top 10
      • Round up Pieces
      • Looking Back
    • Articles for:
      • the Chef's Table
      • In the Vineyard
      • the Wine column
      • Looking Back
    • 1,000 word article that takes a historical look at a travel destination or subject and brings it up to current day.
  • Earnings per word: 15¢ to 30¢