Earn Money Freelance Writing For BACKROADS MAGAZINE
(In America In 2022)
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By Michael Wong | January 3, 2022.

Backroads Magazine screenshot

41. Backroads Magazine (Visit backroadsmagazine):

  • Earn $75+ per original article, freelance writing for Backroads, a monthly magazine featuring motorcycle travel, adventure and touring, with places to go, and things to do with your motorcycle.
  • Email Backroads your intentions regarding your article before submission.
  • Backroads love pictures, the more the merrier, particularly shots of motorcycles on the move, great scenery, and creative photography.
  • Backroads are looking for:
    • The Great All American Diner Run: An eatery destination story accompanied by directions - 500 to 750 words, with photos.
    • Big City Getaway: 500 to 750 words, with photos along the route and of the destination, and route sheet.
    • Mysterious America - Story featuring some mysterious, amazing, bizarre or just head-scratching destination. 500 to 750 words, with photos.
    • We're Outta Here - Multi-day destination column, featuring overnight accommodations, route sheet, and photos of area and destination. 500 to 750 words.
    • Thoughts from the Road: - Thoughtful reflection on motorcycling, whether it be a specific instance that meant something in your life, a person that influenced you, or just something that ticked you off. 400 to 600 words.
    • Full Length Travel Features: It must feature spectacular photography, color preferably, and may be used as a cover story.
  • Rights bought: First time North American publication rights.
  • Earnings per word: 10¢ to 19¢