Xytex Donor

Earn Money As A Sperm Donor
(In America In 2022)
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By Michael Wong | January 3, 2022.

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1. Xytex Donor (Visit xytexdonor):

  • Earn up to $1,800 per month as a Xytex donor at their four sperm collection centers in Georgia and New Jersey.
    • Sperm collection centers:
      • Athens, GA: 740 Prince Ave, Building 10, Athens, GA 30606.
      • Atlanta, GA: 730 Peachtree St NW Suite 675, Atlanta, GA 30308.
      • Augusta, GA: 1100 Emmett Street, Augusta, GA 30904.
      • New Brunswick, NJ: 303 George Street STE G30, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.
      • Support: (800) 277-3210
    • Benefits:
      • Compensation:
        • Up to $1,800 per month.
        • Refer a new donor and earn a referral bonus.
      • Free genetic testing.
      • Free sexually transmitted disease testing.
    • Requirements:
      • Aged 18 to 38.
      • Good medical history.
      • Hold a university degree, currently enrolled in a university or a working professional.
    • Application process:
      1. Complete an online Medical History Questionnaire about your health status and family medical history.
      2. Once approved by Xytex's Medical Director, you provide a semen sample for analysis.
      3. If the sperm count and motility are acceptable, you have an interview with a Donor Coordinator, and undergo a physical exam and laboratory testing.
      4. If you pass all screening and testing, you become a Xytex donor.
    • Requirements (qualified donor):
      • You are encouraged to donate at least once per week - many donors donate up to 3 times per week.
      • Physical exam and blood draw every six months.
      • Commit to a year of regular donations.
    • Privacy policy:
      • No identifying information is released to patients or offspring without your prior consent.
      • Donor and patient agreement protects you from having any legal or financial obligations to children conceived with your sperm.
    • Employees: 11-50 (est. 1975) (http://c1ick.us/xytex-lkd)
    • Minimum age: 18+