Earn Money Doing Verified Genuine PET SITTING JOBS Near You
(In America In 2019)
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By Michael Wong | December 14, 2018.

Earn Money Doing Verified Genuine Pet Sitting Jobs Near You

If you love animals, have you considered doing pet sitting jobs near you to earn some extra cash?

How Much Can I Earn Doing Pet Sitting Jobs?

To answer this question, here are some stats provided by

Most pet sitters charge an average of between $14 and $19 per hour, with an overall average of $16.80 per hour.

Pay rates vary across the country. The average pet sitter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, charges $13.72 per hour, while in New York it's $20.61.

Experience also pays. For example, pet sitters with up to 5 years of experience charge an average of $12.68 per hour, whereas pet sitters with 11 to 15 years experience charge an average of $18.12 per hour.

The types of animals also affects the rate of pay. For example, the average hourly rate for sitting small mammals is $12.95, whereas pet sitters taking care of farm animals charge an average of $19.03.

You'll earn more for pet sitting additional animals, as well as offering additional services, such as training and overnight care. You may also receive tips on top of the fee you charge.

What Fees Do Pet Sitting Marketplaces Charge?

Generally, pet sitting marketplaces are free to join. Rover for example take a basic 20% fee from your earnings. Their RoverGO program, which takes a 25% fee from earnings, offer additional extras, such as an expertly written profile, professional photographs, background check, etc.

Top 2 Verified Genuine Pet Sitting Jobs Sites

Here are my top 2 verified genuine pet sitting job sites where you can earn money doing pet sitting jobs near you. Visit each website for more information:

Rover screenshot

1. Rover (

  • Earn up to $1,000 per month on Rover, providing:
    • dog boarding in the sitter's home
    • house sitting in the owner's home
    • drop-in visits to the owner's home
    • doggy day care in the sitter's home
    • dog walking
  • Benefits:
    • Receive 80% of your earnings from each booking.
    • You choose your schedule, services, and rates.
    • 24/7 emergency support.
    • Vet assistance.
    • Premium insurance for injuries to the sitter or dog walker's resident pet(s) as a direct result of contact with the pet owner's pet.
  • With RoverGo, you get:
    • 75% of your earnings from each booking.
    • an expertly written profile.
    • a session with a professional photographer ($150 value).
    • a boost in search while you are new so your profile is more visible to potential clients.
    • a RoverGO banner and badge on your profile, proving your dedication to your dog sitting business and indicating you've been met in person by a Rover representative.
    • a background check.
    • the RoverGO welcome package ($65 value).
  • Earnings paid by PayPal or check (US only).
  • Mobile app ratings:
    • Android: 4.3 (3,500+ reviews / 100,000+ downloads)
    • iOS: 4.9 (26,000+ ratings)
  • 140,000+ pet sitters.
  • Funding: $310.9 million (
  • Employees: 201+ (est. 2011) (
  • BBB accredited rating: A (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, Canada.
  • Free to join: Yes screenshot

2. (

  • Earn an average of $14 to $19 per hour doing verified genuine pet sitting jobs on Earn money providing pet sitting, dog walking, grooming, and boarding services.
  • To use, you may sign up to a Basic (free) or Subscribed (paid) plan:
    • The Basic (free) plan lets you:
      • create a profile
      • post a listing
      • search for matches
      • send a first message (reply only visible if you or the other user is a paid subscriber)
    • The paid (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) plan has the features of the Basic plan, plus:
      • unlimited protected phone calling with Telesafe
      • unlimited secure private messages
      • featured placement in the directory
  • Number of pet sitting jobs available:
    • 30,000+ in the United States.
    • 4,000+ in Canada.
  • Telesafe is a secure phone service that lets's paid subscribers connect with each other without having to share their phone number. Telesafe protects your privacy by showing a toll-free number in place of your phone number.
  • 14 million pet sitters across the US and Canada.
  • is part of the, Inc., network.
  •, Inc., is a $500 million publicly traded company (
  • Employees: 501+ (est. 2007) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, Canada.
  • Free to join: Yes (Paid subscription required for extra features)

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