Earn PASSIVE INCOME With Verified Genuine Mobile Apps
(In America In 2019)
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By Michael Wong | October 3, 2018.

Top 5 Verified Genuine Mobile Apps To Earn Passive Income

Here are my top 5 mobile apps to earn passive income in America from my "Giigs" book. Buy a copy to unlock my top 5 mobile apps to earn passive income.

Do you spend hours on your smart phone or tablet every day?

Would you like to turn those wasted hours into a passive income of cash and rewards?

I'll show you how...

Why Would A Company Pay You To Use Your Mobile Device?

Market research companies pay people for using their mobile devices because they want to find out how people are using the devices and apps installed on them.

In turn the market research companies sell their findings to companies that use the market research to make informed decisions regarding their mobile marketing strategies.

How To Earn Cash & Rewards While Using Your Mobile Device

How to earn cash and rewards while using your mobile device:

  1. Install a market research company's app on your mobile device.
  2. Sign up to an account for the app.
  3. Use your mobile device as normal.
  4. The market research company collects data measuring your usage of websites, applications, calling, messaging and other telephone utilities.
  5. You earn cash and rewards every week/month you actively use your mobile device.

Easy eh?

Is There A Catch?

Yes, there are a few catches, but nothing serious.

Here are the catches:

  • You are giving the market research company permission to monitor what you are doing with your mobile device. However, they state that they do not:
    • monitor application contents
    • listen to or record telephone calls
    • examine, store or record text, photos or videos you send or receive
    • read the content of your files or email messages
  • You are responsible for the data transfer and consumption charges incurred - a few megabytes a day, which is not much.
  • The monitoring apps may have an effect on your device's performance and battery life but it should be minimal.

Top 5 Verified Genuine Passive Income Mobile Apps

Here are my top 5 apps to earn passive income when you use your mobile device.

MobileXpression screenshot

1. MobileXpression (

  • Earn cash, gift cards and merchandise allowing MobileXpression to monitor your internet surfing habits in the background and earn money.
  • The app runs in the background on Android devices and iPhone/iPad.
  • Automatic entry into the Weekly Winners sweepstakes, to win Apple iPads, Amazon Kindles, digital cameras, etc.
  • MobileXpression is a service of comScore, Inc., a $1 billion publicly traded company (
  • Employees: 1,001+ (est. 1999) (
  • BBB accredited rating: A+ (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, Canada.
  • Free to join: Yes
Smart Panel screenshot

2. Smart Panel (

  • Earn $100 per year allowing Smart Panel to anonymously and securely collect anonymous data on the use of apps, web, and device features for the purpose of market research.
  • Compensation:
    • Sign up and get $5 if you qualify.
    • Earn $5 every month.
    • Earn loyalty bonuses:
      • $5 after 3 months
      • $10 after 6 months
      • $10 every 3 months thereafter
  • Earnings paid by PayPal or Amazon gift cards.
  • Smart Panel app does not collect passwords or usernames, and can not access pictures, text messages, or other content in your apps.
  • The app encrypts data before sending the encrypted log files from the device via a secured VPN connection to the Smart Panel server.
  • Smart Panel do not disclose any personally identifiable information (name, email, address, phone number, etc.) to any third parties, except as necessary to send you your rewards.
  • The app works on smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS), and PCs (Windows).
  • Smart Panel is by Verto Analytics, Inc.
  • Funding: $37.3 million (
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 2013) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes
Nielsen Mobile Panel screenshot

3. Nielsen Mobile Panel (

  • Earn points allowing the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel app measure the normal activity of your telephone, tablet, or other mobile device.
  • Redeem points for gift cards (Amazon, Target, etc.), up to $50 per year.
  • In your first month, you will receive points every week. After that, you will earn points every month.
  • Works on Android devices, iPhone/iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.
  • Privacy policy:
    • Nielsen do not listen to or record your communications.
    • Nielsen do not release your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.
    • All data transmitted is encrypted and anonymous.
  • The software is undetectable and will not affect your device's performance or battery life.
  • Nielsen Mobile Panel give away $10,000+ each month.
  • Nielsen is a $7 billion publicly traded company (
  • Employees: 10,001+ (
  • BBB accredited rating: A+ (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA
  • Free to join: Yes
AppOptix screenshot

4. AppOptix (

  • Earn points for Amazon gift cards allowing the AppOptix app to monitor your general usage of your device.
  • Android smartphone and tablet devices only. No iPhone/iPad support.
  • Earn up to $50 in Amazon gift cards for participating in the program for 12 months.
  • AppOptix measures general usage of your phone and collects:
    • list of applications installed in the device
    • the name and launch periods of the applications
    • the amount of data consumed by your device
    • the amount of time you spend on your device
    • the network status of your device (cellular or WiFi)
    • timestamp and duration of the activities
    • the specifications of your device, such as what sensors are contained in it and activated
    • the battery and network performance of your phone
    • the location of your device via GPS
    • various other data from your device
  • AppOptix does not:
    • monitor application contents
    • listen to or record your telephone calls
    • examine, store or record text or picture messages you send or receive
    • read the contents of your files or email messages
    • release any personally identifiable data
  • AppOptix is a product of Strategy Analytics.
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 1996) (
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Countries: USA
  • Free to join: Yes
Slidejoy screenshot

5. SlideJoy (

  • Earn cash and rewards:
    • adding ads and news to your Android telephone lock screen
    • participating in offers
    • taking surveys
  • Earnings paid by PayPal, gift cards or charity donation.
  • Android app rating: 4.3 (94,000+ reviews / 1 million+ downloads)
  • Funding: $1.2 million (
  • Employees: 2-10 (est. 2014) (
  • Minimum age: 13+
  • Countries: USA, India.
  • Free to join: Yes

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