GET PAID FOR SEARCHING THE WEB With Verified Genuine Companies
(In America In 2019)

By Michael Wong | November 30, 2018.

Get Paid For Searching The Web

There is a good chance you use Google to search the internet. They give good results, but they don't reward you with cash.

Would you consider adding a browser app that works alongside your search or trying a different search engine, if you got paid for searching the web?

If you would, try the two options further down this page.

Getting paid every time you search the internet isn't going to make you rich. But if you want to get rewarded for something you already do on a regular basis, then this could be worth your while.

Top 2 Sites To Get Paid For Searching The Web

Visit each website for more information:

Microsoft Rewards screenshot

1. Qmee (

  • Qmee is a browser app that lets you get paid cash for searching the web, and taking surveys.
  • You can also compare prices and get coupons.
  • Ads appear next to your search results, each with a cash reward attached. Click an ad to collect the reward.
  • Advertisers pay Qmee to display ads next to search results, similar to how companies pay to advertise on Google's search results. The difference is that Qmee gives you a share of the money they receive. Google does not.
  • Qmee works on Google, eBay, Amazon, and Bing.
  • Earnings paid by PayPal and gift cards. No minimum cash out.
  • Option to donate earnings to charity.
  • Qmee works on any device and web browser, whether it's a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, mobile device, or Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera browser.
  • Qmee even works with Adblock installed.
  • After you have been with Qmee for a while, you may refer others and earn rewards when they make their first PayPal cash out.
  • Mobile apps ratings:
    • Android: 4.1 (1,400+ reviews / 50,000+ downloads)
    • iOS: 4.8 (10 ratings)
  • Employees: 11-50 (est. 2012) (
  • Minimum age: 13+
  • Countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia.
  • Free to join: Yes
Microsoft Rewards screenshot

2. Microsoft Rewards (

  • With Microsoft Rewards you earn points for:
    • searching on Microsoft's Bing search engine
    • browsing the web with the Microsoft Edge browser
    • shopping at the Microsoft and Windows Stores
    • participating in quizzes
  • Rewards:
    • Level 1:
      • 3 points per Bing Search, up to 30 points per day.
      • 1 point per $1 spent in Microsoft Store, plus earn bonus points on select purchases.
    • Level 2:
      • 3 points per Bing Search, up to 150 points per day.
      • Level 1 Microsoft Store benefits, plus exclusive Level 2 bonus offers.
      • Up to 10% off when redeeming Microsoft brand rewards.
  • Earn up to 3 points a day, 90 points a month, when you search Bing in Microsoft Edge.
  • Earn up to 20 points per dollar spent on games, movies, and more from the Microsoft Store on Xbox, Windows and online.
  • Microsoft Rewards points do not have any cash value. One point is worth one cent.
  • Redeem points Xbox digital gift cards, Skype Credits, Xbox Live Gold memberships, Windows Store gift card, and charitable donations.
  • You may redeem no more than 550,000 points per calendar year.
  • Warning: Unredeemed points expire if you do not earn or redeem any points for 90 days.
  • Microsoft is a $800 billion publicly traded company (
  • Employees: 10,001+ (est. 1975) (
  • Minimum age: 13+
  • Countries: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia.
  • Free to join: Yes

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