Save Money Shopping With HONEY APP Coupons
(In America In 2021)
Some links are sponsored. We only list verified genuine companies we like.

By Michael Wong | June 18, 2021.

Honey App screenshot
Some links are sponsored. We only list verified genuine companies we like.

1. Honey App (Visit honeyapp):

  • Save money shopping online with the Honey app, a verified genuine web browser extension, which automatically finds and applies the best coupon code at the checkout for thousands of online stores, such as Amazon, Expedia and Target.
  • How the Honey app works:
    1. Install the Honey browser extension to your Google Chrome, Firebox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera web browser.
    2. Shop like normal.
    3. The Honey app will automatically apply the best coupon code to your shopping cart.
  • Honey Gold Rewards program:
    • Available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
    • When you shop at any of Honey's 4,000+ participating sites, you'll earn a percentage back in Honey Gold.
    • The reward you receive is a randomized amount and varies from site to site. Your reward percentage is the luck of the draw.
    • US members: Once you accumulate 1,000 Honey Gold, you can redeem them for a $10 gift card at these stores:
      • 1-800 Flowers
      • Amazon
      • Ebay
      • Groupon
      • Nordstrom
      • Sears
      • Sephora
      • Target
      • Walmart
    • Non-US members can redeem Honey Gold for egift cards at:
      • Amazon.ca
      • Amazon.co.uk
      • Mecca AU
      • Sephora CA
  • Honey Droplist:
    • watches your favorite items, notifying you by email when the price of an item drops below the amount you choose
    • is for US members only
    • is available at these stores:
      • Amazon
      • Best Buy
      • J.Crew
      • Kohl's
      • Loft
      • Overstock
      • QVC
      • Saks Fifth Avenue
      • Target
      • Walmart
  • Refer a friend:
    • Receive 500 Honey Gold.
    • You can refer up to 200 friends for a maximum of 100,000 Honey Gold (worth $1,000).
  • You may donate your Honey Gold to any of over 50 charities.
  • Honey app only works on computer desktops and laptops. It does not work on mobile devices.
  • Browser extension ratings:
    • Chrome: 4.8 (82,000+ reviews / 16.9 million+ users)
    • Firefox: 4.2 (400+ reviews / 250,000+ users)
    • Microsoft Edge: 3.9 (80+ ratings)
    • Safari: No rating
    • Opera: 4.0 (9 reviews / 56,000+ downloads)
  • Funding: $40.8 million+ (http://c1ick.us/honey-crb)
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 2003) (http://c1ick.us/honey-lkd)
  • Countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia.
  • Free to join: Yes