Earn Money As A REALITY BASED GROUP Mystery Shopper
(In America In 2019)
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By Michael Wong | October 24, 2018.

Reality Based Group screenshot

18. Reality Based Group (

  • Earn money with verified genuine on-site and video mystery shopping and auditor jobs in retail, restaurants, banks, automative, hotels, etc., with Reality Based Group.
  • For video mystery shopping jobs, you:
    • must live in the Greater Austin Area
    • get a 6 month, part-time, contract
    • paid travel expenses
    • travel up to five days a week throughout the United States
    • must have a valid driver's license
    • must have liability automobile insurance
    • must be old enough to rent a car
    • must be aged 25+ (for car rental)
    • must have a clean criminal record
    • must have three references
    • must have an understanding of electronics
  • Clients include:
    •, Inc.
    • Hilton Hotels & Resorts‚Äé
    • Allstate Insurance
  • Earnings paid monthly by direct deposit to your bank account, or PayPal.
  • Stats:
    • 2 million+ mystery shops completed
    • 280,000+ mystery shoppers
  • MSPA Americas member: Yes
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 1992) (
  • BBB accredited rating: A+ (
  • Minimum age: 18/25+
  • Countries: USA, Canada.
  • Free to join: Yes