Earn Money With Verified Genuine TUTOR MATCHING SERVICE
(In America In 2022)
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By Michael Wong | January 3, 2022.

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3. Tutor Matching Service (Visit tutormatchingservice):

  • Earn an average of $16 per hour, tutoring students locally, or online, with tutoring jobs on the Tutor Matching Service marketplace.
  • It was originally financially sponsored by a handful of university tutoring centers, career centers, and student governments, including IUPUI, Caltech, Purdue University, NYU-Polytechnic, and Kent State University.
  • UIPUI, Caltech, Purdue University, Boise State University, College of Charleston, Syracuse University, Clemson University, and 100 other institutions use Tutor Matching Service to supplement their on-campus tutoring.
  • You set your hourly rate - students pay a 10% service fee on top of your hourly rate.
  • Some tutors offer $0 lessons, alongside their standard rates, for students of the same university because the university pays the fee.
  • Earnings paid by direct deposit to your bank account, or PayPal, 48 hours after the lesson.
  • "Tutor Essentials" online tutor training course:
    • Developed by Purdue University.
    • Endorsed by College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).
    • Get a "Trained In Tutor Essentials" certification badge on your tutor profile.
    • Self-paced, taking 3 to 5 hours to complete.
  • Earn badges to help you get more clients:
    • CRLA-Certified
    • University-Trained
    • University-Approved/Certified
    • High CPA
  • Mobile app ratings:
    • Android: 2.7 (5+ reviews / 1,000+ downloads)
    • iOS: No ratings
  • 550+ tutors.
  • Employees: 2-10 (est. 2009) (http://c1ick.us/tutormatchingservice-lkd)
  • Free to join: Yes